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Let me tell you about Shawn Richendollar, a photographer like no other

When I first met Shawn Richendollar, I thought he looked like the men of Hollywood in the 1950’s. I can still remember the details of his floral bowtie and the panama hat he was wearing the first day. When you meet artists and talented people, somehow they make you dream of a beautiful and peaceful world. You get their vibe the first moment they bump into your life. A vibe you want to last as long as possible. It’s an amazing gift. 

Shawn was not an actor or movie star though it was hard to believe. He was able to transform my simple pose into an entire scene. Many photograph the image of a beautiful person without capturing the soul.
Shawn did both.

Our session was scheduled at 10 AM about 30 minutes from home. That means that in Albania I would have left home between 10 and 10:30 but I was in America so my ride left at 9:30 whether I felt ready or not. I am still getting used to American punctuality but we made it on time.

His studio, was on the ground floor of his Ohio villa. As we entered his farmhouse styled home I was immediately impressed by the coziness of the beautiful wood furniture, rocking chairs, antiques and pictures.

I can’t say that my portable wardrobe with which I traveled to Ohio was worthy of being photographed. Most of the outfits were part of my capsule wardrobe, which I had worn dozens of times. A couple of days before the photo shooting I decided to go shopping. Shops here in the USA are not the the same as the one’s in Europe. I love blazers, shirts and sometimes cute dresses. And it was hard to find in just couple of days, a made-to-measure double breasted blazer. Or a good quality white shirt. Or a pair of jeans that will fit perfectly. So, I had to be creative with the clothes I had.

We managed to take two and a half hours of photos with 4 outfits from my capsule wardrobe. I don’t know if we did a great job but at least we had some fun! You may be surprised to you see a t-shirt turned into a vest, a men’s shirt on a jacket and suede boots on pants. If you are curious about the results I was thrilled with the photos! And let me tell you this, the photos were even more beautiful than I could imagine. It was the whole aesthetics I fell in love with and I am sure you will too.

Thank You Shawn, for making me feel like a movie star for just a couple of hours, at your beautiful villa in Ohio. You have inspired me more than you can imagine. 

You can find Shawn here 👉🏼 “Shawn Richendollar